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September 18, 2022
Write a Ethic and Plagiarism paper with the following content: Introduce what Ethical Standards and Plagiarism is in Research Describes the e
September 18, 2022
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Watch the two movies-Manhattan project and Chernobyl disaster and write an essay including
1- One page typed including facts out of those two videos and the recent 7 accidents related to Nuclear chemistry.
2-one of the following topics related to the nuclear chemistry in depth or include some info about more than one topic (or all topic) of the following
3- your opinion in one or two sentence

-Peaceful uses of nuclear chemistry
Application in everyday use
-Radiation particles
-lonizing radiation
-Nuke is more about our life and radiation
-Radiation exposure
-Nuclear accidents
-Chernobyl 1984 Natural radiation in everyday life
-Detecting radiations
-Nuclear waste HLW versus LLW
-Nuclear Energy versus Nuclear Power
-How long it takes for any radioactive material to cool down
-Half-life concept

Manhattan Project
Chernobyl Disaster

4 parts

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