Write a 750 word response to the topic: “Suggest some of the advantages

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Write a 750 word response to the topic: “Suggest some of the advantages

Write a 750 word response  to the topic: “Suggest some of the advantages and disadvantages of building a system from the ground up. If given a choice between a packaged solution and building one from the ground up, which would you choose? Defend your choice.”

Use APA style writing as well as examples in the book for your projects

Reading material and Textbook:
Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design – Valacich/George/Hoffer, 6th edition, Pearson.
Chapter 2: The Sources of Software – Where does a professional unearth the software pieces needed for a business application system? Discover the six sources of software that are available and the criteria used to evaluate software.
Chapter 3: Managing the Information Systems Project – Explore project management skills needed to run all technical and managerial functions of a systems project. Discover how commercial software can help in the critical path scheduling process.
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