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April 5, 2022
In order to complete your strategic plan, select the methods you will use to evaluate how your strategic goal is being met. Include specific metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of the implementation of the plan. What types of controls will you use? Provide your response in 250-500 words
April 5, 2022
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Web Application Vulnerability Scanning – Lion Essays

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
In this project a web application vulnerability scan will be performed against a test website. The VirtualBox server that was built in Week 1 isn’t required for this project. Please perform this from a workstation that has Internet access.
I. Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
Create an account at the following site in order to use the Online Scanner: https://www.acunetix.com/vulnerability-scanner/online-scanner/ Verify the account with the email that is sent to your address. After verification, logon to the Online Scanner at this url: https://online.acunetix.com/#/dashboard/
Create a “Target” by selecting Targets > Add Target. Enter the address http://testasp.vulnweb.com After the Target is created, select “Scan”.
More information regarding web application scanning can be found here: https://www.acunetix.com/support/docs/wvs/scanning-website/
II. Validation
· Part I: In a Microsoft Word document, paste a screenshot that shows the top 5 vulnerabilities discovered from your online scan of the Acunetix test website.
Attach the Microsoft Word document to the Blackboard Submission for this assignment.
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