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Treatment of Borrelia disease | Term Paper Tutors

Treatment and Preventive Strategies for Lyme Disease

Brief introduction on the treatment and prevention of Lyme Disease
Approach consideration of Lyme disease: Antibiotic selection, route of administration, duration of LD therapy
Treatment Strategies for different stages of Lyme disease

Early Treatment of LD
Use of Oral antibiotics for LD treatment
Use of Intravenous antibiotics for LD
the use of Bismacine in the treatment of LD
Treatment of early LD
Treatment of LD in pregnant
Lyme Arthritis treatment
Lyme carditis treatment
Treatment of neurologic manifestations of LD
Treatment of Ocular manifestations of LD
Treatment of Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophicans
Post treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome
Natural treatment for lyme disease

Prevention Strategies

Personal protection; checking and removing ticks, taking bath after exposure to tick-infested area, protective clothings, using tick repellants, avoiding tick-infested area, & educational interventions.
Environmental intervention; targeting tick and reservoir hosts like rodents and deers with pest management & Landscape management
LD vaccination
Preventive treatment of high risk groups,
Effect and treatment of Co-infection in the treatment of LD

Strengths, weaknesses and limitation of these prevention and treatment strategies?
Future Goals:

Literature reviews on the treatment and prevention of LD
Continued research and implementation of diagnostic tools, tools to eliminate LD, and treatment options
Policies to allow for detection, care and treatment of LD


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