Rasmussen College Medical Admin Patient Encounter Case Study Assignment

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September 23, 2022
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September 23, 2022
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Rasmussen College Medical Admin Patient Encounter Case Study Assignment

Read the scenario below and complete the tasks that follow.
You just accepted a role as medical administrator at a podiatrist medical office. There are many responsibilities associated with this position including managing the office, patient registration, insurance verification/referrals, and scheduling following up appointments. As you navigate through your first day at work, the waiting room is full and a patient with a severe foot infection is seeking treatment without an appointment. As part of your new position and responsibilities, you will be required to review, assess, and participate in all medical administrative duties that will support this patient.
As the new medical administrator, you have will complete an encounter form of the new patient with a severe foot infection.
Identify and summarize the steps for registering this patient by completing the encounter form as the patient and the registration form as the medical administrator, which includes verification of the patient insurance. HIPAA privacy rule should be adhered when registering the patient.

In order to successfully complete the Outpatient Encounter Form and the Patient Registration Form below, please use the information contained in the following document:

Patient and Outpatient Information

Patient Welcome/Managing Wait Time

In one page summarize how to greet the patient and manage the waiting room
Include a brief outline describing how to verify the patient’s insurance

Outpatient Encounter Form

Patient Registration Form

Apply HIPAA rules when documenting patient information

Outline the five steps under the HIPAA privacy rule to ensure patient information is protected while registering the patient. The summary should follow the “Guidelines for Ensuring” patient privacy isn’t breached in the reception area

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