Mismanagement of Resources Health Care in Prisons Paper

Understanding Law, Ethics, Professional Guidelines and their Relationship to Nursing Practice.
September 23, 2022
The group assignment will be a fourth design of the NCTTS website and here the premises:
September 23, 2022
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Mismanagement of Resources Health Care in Prisons Paper

Key Assignment: Final Paper (I have completed this paper, I just need management theory to be incorporated into the paper more and to make sure that I have addressed the final submission information below. I will submit my draft and I will need Part 2 done for the powerpoint
Part 1
Complete the final draft of your paper based on your chosen topic.
Write a theoretical paper utilizing your work and feedback from the preceding phases of the course.
The final submission must address the following:

Explore the relationship of the chosen topic to organizational behavior at the following levels:

Organizational levels

Discuss your awareness of the chosen topic, including the following:

Any assumptions you may have or have had based on your own organizational experience

The following should be the format for your paper:


Introduction of the topic
Questions explored in the research
Literature review that integrates what was found in the literature
Conclusions and recommendations to organizations that, if enacted, would be helpful to individuals, groups, and organizations


10 recent articles on the topic, at a minimum

Be sure to address the following:

Incorporate any feedback received or additional research sources developed during the course.
All articles must be from academic journals.
Submissions must be written in APA style.

Part 2
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that details the content of your paper. Describe the content as if you were presenting your topic and findings to an audience that has not read your paper.
Be sure to address the following:

Be clear and concise.
Use no more than 12 slides.

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