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September 18, 2022
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September 18, 2022
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Lab Report: Finishes

Laboratory assignments will be completed as TYPED reports with the following sections:
1. Project (location, description, participants)
2. Project Conditions (project status, weather, on day visited)
3. Answers to specific questions for the lab
4. Summary and conclusions
The lab report can be as long as needed in order to complete the assignment. Professional
work is expected. Use a table of contents, figures and tables should be referenced and
have captions, and so on. You may have attachments, which should be neat, clean, and
firmly attached
Figures: Project description with photos and maps as needed, provide photos for all items
Safety toolbox: Reference OSHA section numbers, answer all questions with sufficient detail,
use appropriate figures.
2. Appearance and organization:
Professional Appearance: Typed, not congested, not much empty space, use paragraphs
Well organized/easy to find things: TOC, LOF, page numbers, section titles, items discussed in
correct order, attachments well organized.
Use of figures: Figures and tables are numbered, captioned, and referenced in the text, set in
line with text (do not wrap with text).
3. Language: Use technical writing style, short and clear sentences, use correct spelling and grammar, use
Note: The report could be more that 5 pages(it could be 10 or 12 pages) because I’m going to provide you with pictures and all the information you need about the project. Also I will provide you with a sample simillar to the report that I want. Thanks The post Lab Report: Finishes first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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