watch chapter 6 lecture first 4 references required

250-350 words
September 24, 2022
1. How have social media sites such as Twitter changed communication? (Obj. 5).2. What is cloud comp
September 24, 2022
Show all watch chapter 6 lecture first 4 references required

watch chapter 6 lecture first
4 references required
Please do this step first because the article you select has to be related to the topic covered in this chapter
Next, read the lecture attached in this assignment

You are expected to submit a summary of a current climate / environmental-related article from the mainstream press, along with your personal evaluation / reflection. Using a recent news article from a reliable source, please feel encouraged to explore topics that include extreme weather (e.g. winter storms, drought), climate change, energy (e.g. decreases in crude oil price, fracking, coal mining, nuclear power plants, alternative energy, etc), adaptation of animal behavior to recent climate change (including mammals, insects, fish, etc), policy related topics (international climate change conferences), and more. Due by March 12th.
Guidelines of this assignment are:

Article summary: Your own summary – do not copy from an original source (1 page).
Reflection: Your own discussion about the topic(s) of the article. Please apply your knowledge from this course and incorporate it into your discussion (1 page)
Maximum pages: 2
Font type and size: Times New Roman/Times, 12-point size, double spaced
Data (optional): include source data
Figures and Tables (optional): include source data
List of 4 reference(s)

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