Ebola in Africa Symptoms of the Disease Research Presentation

MSN-FP6105 Assessment 4: Assessment Strategies and Complete Course Plan
September 23, 2022
You are currently working as an intern with the CEO of a large health system
September 23, 2022
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Ebola in Africa Symptoms of the Disease Research Presentation

You have been assigned to investigate an outbreak of a disease and make presentations at community libraries where people are at risk of getting the disease.
Choose one of the following diseases:

Ebola in Africa (2015)
measles in California (2015)
any series of food-borne illness outbreaks, such as E. coli or salmonella
non-polio enterovirus in North America (2015)
AIDS (1980–present, worldwide)
community-associated or hospital-associated MRSA (North America)

Chosen format:

slideshow (Include images.)

Your presentation, at a minimum, should include the following information:

symptoms of the disease
what causes the disease, how it spreads, and how it is treated
history of the disease (including first known cases, current rate and risk of infection, and outbreak events)
evolution (How did the disease become infectious to humans? Where did it originate?)
risk factors for getting the disease and how the disease can be prevented
anything else relevant or interesting to the public

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