Discussion on two childrens television shows.

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September 19, 2022
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Discussion on two childrens television shows.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the two childrens television shows. I have personally watched this cartoon on the television program, and I have the DVDs for all its series.Schoolhouse rock.
Schoolhouse Rock is an example of animated musical educational short movies which were shown in America every Saturday morning on U.S television network ABC. The films were aired during the periods 1973 to 1985, and a new series was aired during the periods 1993 to 1999. Other episodes were produced in the year 2009. This program covered topics in mathematics, economics, history, science, civics, and grammar.
I have personally watched this program.

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Discuss the age group the show is aimed towards. What are the developmental milestones for that age? Discuss theorists. Be thorough.
Development milestone refers to the skills the children acquire during their periods of growth. Children develop skills in the following areas (Bruni, 2006).
There is a stage of development referred to as cognitive development. At this stage, children become skilled at identifying and explaining problems—for instance, a five-year-old child learning the essentials of grammar (Bruni, 2006).The next stage is emotional and social development. This is a phase where children acquire the capacity to relate with others, including themselves. It is during this period that they receive the virtues of self-control. An example involves a five-year-old boy knowing how to queue when needing services at the school library (Bruni, 2006).There is also the language and speech development stage. This is a period where a child acquires the capability of using proper language and identifies with it. For example, a three-year-old child becomes conscious of different items’ names in his surrounding (Bruni, 2006).Parents need to establish good habits in their children regarding the television. they will do this by coming up with no watching television until homework is done. When children show signs of withdrawal when the television time is reduced, parents need to engage the children in development activities such as participating in household work.
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