Discussion on e-learning in dental education.

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September 19, 2022
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September 19, 2022
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Discussion on e-learning in dental education.

Write a 8 pages paper on e-learning in dental education. According to the essay findings the context of explaining dentistry alongside education refers to the need with which the required education can be imparted to students. Students receive knowledge and information in a number of ways ranging from classroom teaching to reading books to tapes and videos as also live demonstrations. But, as far as the theoretical knowledge and the sharing of opinion and views are concerned, the volume of information that is available today has called for a need to look towards a different medium of providing this information. The rise in the popularity of the internet and its accompanying popular methods of teaching have not only allowed the prospect of making information to be available, but also allowed it to be searchable and presented in a number of electronic formats.
From the discussion it is clear that dental science is one of the most widely researched medical sciences in the world today, where new discoveries are being made every day. With tooth decay being acknowledged as the most common disease in the world, it is no doubt that one of the most visited professional during a person’s lifetime is a dentist. Studying to become a dentist requires years of study and practice as the science of studying one’s set of teeth is enormous. The basic requirement for information and knowledge in the modern world is to allow it to be shared and made widely available.
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