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September 19, 2022
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September 19, 2022
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Discuss Greek Archaic Style. – nursing writers

Write 5 pages with APA style on Greek Archaic Style. While still developing, the Archaic style evolved from earlier more primitive representations in the Geometric period, resembling hieroglyphs, as well as often incorporating a somewhat Oriental or Middle Eastern influence in its presentation. (“Greek Art”) Although it was christened the Archaic style one must remember that in reality, it is an expression of the fundamental presence of Greek culture and lifestyle, and not just representations of a developing art, but of a developing culture as well.
This era was a tremendous time of change in the then city-states of Greece. Ruled by tyrants whose firm control of governance was also usually characterized by restoring order and good government as well as a resurgence in the patronage of the government towards the arts. However, before the end of the sixth century, some forms of more democratic governments mostly replaced the tyrants.
The Archaic period, therefore, was a time of great advances in all fields — in carving stone and casting bronze, in modeling clay, in engraving gems and dies for coins, and in painting. In no field was complete accuracy in the rendering of human and animal figures attained, if we judge by modern standards of anatomical naturalism, but accuracy and directness within the developing terms of Greek perfection characterized work in the Archaic period. (Chase 46)

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Initially, the Archaic period had several rigid rules of representation to be adhered to, and although they changed overtime during that period, the beginnings were strict. In the sculpture of standing figures what has been termed the “law of frontality” was enforced till almost the end of the sixth century. This placement consisted of the figures being posed looking straight ahead, standing straight, the eyes often appeared more bulbous, never truly sunken in and the ears were usually placed for esthetic purpose and not for anatomical correctness, usually being placed too high on the head. Even the hair was arranged in an almost geometrical pattern like the style.
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