Commenting on two classmates discussions about scientific methods

Health Promotion and Risk Reduction. Cultural Diversity and Community. Nursing Environmental Health.
September 23, 2022
1) According to Burbank and Cooper, how did the U.S. and the Soviet Union
September 23, 2022
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Commenting on two classmates discussions about scientific methods

In response to your peers, comment on the commonalities you share with your classmates. Share any tips or resources that will help you be successful in this course.
Classmate #1 Amie
Not only is the scientific method important in biology, but it is important in many areas of science and life in general. The Scientific method makes it possible to provide an objective, standardized approach to conducting experiments and proving their results without any biases interfering.

As far as my day to day life and using the scientific method, I would say recently, after spending most my years in Florida and now living in Michigan, trying to figure out what I can grow up here and when I can grow it has been challenging. I am an avid gardener and have been itching to start my flower and vegetable gardens. But the growing season here is far different from Florida. So I have done much research on this subject, asking the locals, watching long term weather forecasts for frost threats, and of course the internet. I have gone ahead and planted some flower seeds that I have an abundance of, just in case of a frost or freeze wiping them out I can easily replace. (I harvest seeds from about anything I can lol) But with all the information I have gathered, and the close calls with freezing temperatures so far this spring, I have pretty much decided to hold off on the majority of planting until around the last week of May to be safe, and then it is game on so to speak haha
Classmate # 2 Kurtis
The Scientific Method is key in this ability. This process is important in that it allows people to build their knowledge by trial and error. You can change variable to monitor reactions in any given experiment thus giving you base of what works and what doesn’t or what is better than something else. In my day to day life this can be seen in raising a child. My daughter was having trouble sleeping recently and I suspected that it was because she was getting two naps during the day. This was after the fact that I ruled out hunger and diaper changes and sickness. She eats every night before bed, gets bathed and changed and she is fine before bed. So to test this hypothesis I told my wife to keep her up after her first nap until night time. This made my daughter sleepier toward her bedtime meaning she would pass out! Scientific Method!

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