Choose a kind of fossil/specie and write a quick essay about it.

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Choose a kind of fossil/specie and write a quick essay about it.

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Your topic will include the analysis of a specific hominin fossil or species introduced in class, your text book, or other scientific source. This fossil should be selected from our early beginnings of bipedal-ism up to and excluding Neanderthals.
Mandatory assignment. You must complete this assignment to pass this classContent:

Describe the selected fossil/specie including their characteristics, distribution, habitat and time frame.
Where was it found and by whom?
What is the significance of their discovery to our understanding of our origins and evolution.


Minimum of 750 words
Name, course title (no title page)
Give your essay a “Title”
Turnitin score MUST be less than 15% similarity

Should follow APA format.
Must include name of journal/book/other sources, titles, date, authors. If you are citing a journal, must include volume, issue and pages. If you are citing a book, must include also the publisher. I will not accept a URL only.
Use at least three peer review/academic journals and book. Additional sources can be from books or other literature sources. Only recognized academic institutions may be used for web or video citations (e.g. Smithsonian Institution, AAAS, PBS, Nova).
No quotes or cut and paste. Use IN-TEXT citations as well as in a separate section at the end of your paper. Use citing when paraphrasing other people’s work. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

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