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The purpose of this assignment is to explore a critical concept in nursing. The student will be able to demonstrate application of information literacy and ability to utilize resources (library, writing center, Center for Academic Success [CAS], APA resources, Turnitin, and others) throughliterature search and writing the paper.
Course outcomes: This assignment enablesthe student to meet the following courseoutcomes.
CO 2: Identify characteristics of professional behavior including emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution.
CO 3: Demonstrate information literacy and the ability to utilize resources.
Due date: Your faculty member will inform you when this assignment is due. The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment.
Total pointspossible: 150 points
Preparing the assignment
Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speakwith your facultymember if you have questions.

Locating Evidence
Using the Chamberlain University library, search for a recent (published within the last five years) evidence- based article from a scholarly journal that addresses one of the topicslisted.
Include the following sections.
Introduction – 20 points/13%
Clearly establishes the purpose of the paper
Includes key pointsto be covered
Captures the reader’sinterest
Body of Paper – 60 points/40%
Complete, well-developed discussion of key points
Supports the purpose or main idea of the paper
Logical development of ideas with clear and accurateinformation
Ideas and statements are supported by three or more examples from personal and/or professional experiences
Provides own perspectives on the topic that is reflective, insightful, and original
Conclusion – 30 points/20%
Clear and concise
Summarizes key pointsdiscussed in the paper
Leaves a strong impression, message, or idea on the reader
Writing Style -15 point/10%
Correct use of standard Englishgrammar, paragraph, and sentence structure
No spelling or typographical errors
Organized aroundrequired components
Information flowsin a logical sequence that is easy for the reader to follow
APA Format, and References – 25 points/17%
There is correctand appropriate use of margins,spacing, font, and headers
Document setup includes title and reference pages in correct APA format

NR103 Transition to the Nursing Profession Transitions Paper Guidelines

Citation of sourcesincluded in the body of the paperuses correct APA format for direct and indirect quotes
All elements of each reference are included in the correct order
All informationtaken from the source, even if summarized, is cited and listed on the Reference page
All sources used are nursing journals published within the last five years

For writingassistance (APA, formatting, or grammar) visit the APA Citation and Writing page in the online library.
Please note that your instructor may provide you with additional assessments in any form to determine that you fully understand the concepts learned.
Hello Students-
Here are a few things to assist you in understanding the basics of the assignment. You will choose one of the following topics: Safety, Delegation, Prioritization, or Caring. 
You will research the topic in the Chamberlain Library following the guidelines for scholarly peer-reviewed work which must be no more than 5 years old. Select an article following the guidelines that you feel examines the topic you have chosen. You will write about the key points of the article with a goal of EXPLORING A CRITICAL POINT IN NURISNG (Safety, delegation, Prioritization, or Caring).
Follow the guidelines and the grading rubric to build an outline. (see template at the end of this document)
Consider the instructions for the body of the paper:
Provides a complete, well-developed discussion of key points from the article using appropriate citations.
Ideas and statements are supported by three or more examples from personal and/or professional experiences
Provides own perspectives on the topic that is reflective, insightful, and original
Logical development of ideas with clear and accurate information
Fill in your outline using the guide and grading rubric for the body of the paper first, then go back and write your introduction and conclusion following the guidelines and grading rubric.
The paper should include an APA formatted title page, the body of the paper in APA format (1-2 pages), and a reference page. You will have at least one reference which is your main article, however you may have others if you want to support points in your paper as long as the guidelines for using your own experiences and perspectives are met. You must be reflective in your work. Be sure to cite and reference any work that is not your own
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